Qt Set Up in Yocto Project

Introduction to Qt Set up in Yocto Embedded Linux

QtQt Creator works wondrous in Yocto embedded Linux. Qt Creator is a cross-platform integrated development environment.  With a fully integrated GUI development environment,  advanced code editor, and visual debugger, Qt provides a lot of assistance to new users and also boost up the productivity of experienced developer.

To develop Qt project that can run in Yocto embedded Linux, we install the Qt Framework in the image.  After that, we can compile the qt5-meta-toolchain.  The qt5-meta-toolchain is SDK (software development kit).  It contains a lot of information, including tools, libraries to compile the programs.  Different machine will require different SDKs.  Although Qt Creator comes with a default SDK.  We still need the specific SDK for our embedded device.   Hence, one project source but with different SDK can develop multiple versions of program that run in different devices.

After acquired SDK, we can configure a “Build & Run” specification. The first one is the compilers. There are a lot of different version of compilers in the SDK.  Users can choose their favorite and what is best for their programs.  Secondly, we set the Qt version corresponds to the SDK.  Then, we put everything together into a kit.  This kit would be used to build and run the program. Lastly, we need to set Qt to connect to the Yocto embedded Linux.  And in the program, we set its target and installation path.  When we build and run the programs, Qt will automatically transfer the deployed file into the embedded device.

The video below shows how Qt is set up to compile programs for HIO i.MX6 Starter Kit.  The HIO i.MX6 Starter Kit include the HIO-EMB-1200 Freescale i.MX6 dual core board and HIO-IOB-1240 I/O add-on module. The device boots up  with X11 Window System, SSH, USB WiFi module driver and Qt 5.2.1 framework

Happy Coding!

For more information on how to install Qt on Yocto Embedded Device, please visit http://wiki.hioproject.org/index.php?title=Qt_Creator