Set Up Amazon EC2 to Compile Yocto Image

Amazon EC2 and Yocto Project

Part 1: Introduction to Amazon EC2 to Compile Yocto Images

Amazon EC2 is part of Amazon Web Service, one of the leaders in cloud services. Launched in 2006, Amazon provides large capacity of computing services more quickly and cheaper than building an actual physical server.

Amazon EC2 provides elastic computing cloud services. It is fast, flexible, efficient and portable. Amazon EC2 provides instances creation. These instances basically are virtual machines that are located in the cloud. we have the flexibility to  choose the operating system, the amount of CPU, memory, and storage. We could create, stop, or terminate the instances whenever we do not need them

For an optimized Intel i7 Quad Core processor, to compile a minimal Yocto distribution core image, it will take approximately 1.5 hours. This process will be longer if there is a slow network. Compiling image in Yocto Project is long because we are compiling the Linux distribution from scratch. That is, source fetching, path application, configuration, compile, etc.,  Amazon EC2 is fast. Usually, we use the 36 cores CPU to compile images. An image that take 1.5 hours in the local computer will be done in 20 minutes in Amazon EC2 by optimizing parallel make and multi threads with the high speed internet of Amazon.

Amazon provides EBS (Elastic Block service) storage. They are like a USB drive that can be attach and detach from the instance. This makes storing images painless since the build files, downloads files, and images files are extremely huge.  In addition, we can create our own image or take a snapshot at the image and share it to others. When they operate their own instances with the shared image, they can see the same set up as the one who shared.

Anywhere with Internet access, we can access Amazon EC2 and all its features. Overall, it saves us a ton of times when we compiles images for Yocto. Making us to complete our work faster.

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