HIO Wallpad Drop-in PoE In-wall Universal Android Controller on Kickstarter


HIO Wallpad Drop-in PoE

In-Wall Universal Android Controller


The HIO Wallpad is a way to completely connect and control your entire home or office in one centralized easy-to-install unit. Running off the latest generation ARM Processor, the Android powered Wallpad is universally compatible with a number of different control and home automation applications.
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Open Architecture

Powered by Android, the HIO Wallpad is an open architecture design, allowing you to code your own software and develop your own hardware to control almost anything.

PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)

We consolidated the data and power into one port with Power over Ethernet. This provides the HIO Wallpad with power and network connectivity using only one standard Ethernet cable.


Accomplishing this small form factor was no easy task. We developed a modular design to both save space in cramped areas (like a standard electrical gang box) as well as making upgrades super easy.

Touch Screen

The HIO Wallpad comes with a 3.5″ LCD Touch Screen as your control panel interface. In the future, we will be able to design, develop, and create different screen sizes for the Wallpad, expanding user experiences.

Standard Gang Box Ready

The HIO Wallpad was designed to easily fit inside a standard 2-Gang Box making installing relatively quick and easy. This was accomplished through our newly created form factor of the HIO Project board which is only 72mm x 80mm. Also, having a screwless design, installation is effortless.

Customizable Face Plates

We will provide you with the CAD files, Gcode, and STL files, and drawings of the standard faceplate. You can 3D print your own custom faceplate in different colors and different shapes to match your wall colors and room decor.

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