• Introducing HIO

    Introducing HIO

    A development effort to create expandable modular hardware platforms for building embedded systems and IoT devices

  • Tiny


    The HIO core-board is roughly the same size as a fresh stack of Post-It notes and fits in a 2-gang electrical box

  • Stackable


    The Lego-like 3D expandable open modular design allows for 3 directions of expansion, up and down. side to side, and front and back.

  • Flexible IO

    Flexible IO

    The 200-pin top and bottom female headers allow to bring out many of the peripherals, connectivity, power and UI resources.

  • HIoTX


    The HIoTX is 80% Smaller than the Mini-ITX form factor and 20% Smaller than the tiny PICO-ITX standard.

  • HIO-EMB-1200 Embedded Linux BoardEmbedded Linux Board HIO-EMB-1200 Available for Purchase
    HIO-EMB-1200 embedded Linux board is now available for purchase at our online store. Since the announcement of HIO Project in 2014, we had successfully implemented this modular design on a few embedded ODM projects of HABEY USA and proved the concept of design to scale from prototypes to final products.  We now made the HIO-EMB-1200 i.MX6 core […]

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