HIO Project

  • Introducing HIO

    Introducing HIO

    A development effort to create 3D expandable modular hardware platforms for building embedded systems and IoT devices

  • Tiny


    The HIO core-board is roughly the same size as a fresh stack of Post-It notes and fits in a 2-gang electrical box

  • Stackable


    The Lego-like 3D expandable open modular design allows for 3 directions of expansion, up and down. side to side, and front and back.

  • Flexible IO

    Flexible IO

    The 200-pin top and bottom female headers allow to bring out many of the peripherals, connectivity, power and UI resources.

  • HIoTX


    The HIoTX is 80% Smaller than the Mini-ITX form factor and 20% Smaller than the tiny PICO-ITX standard.

  • Adaptable


    The HIO Platform can be powered in many different ways with the core-board or add-on modules, including your own designs.

  • Open


    The designs of the modules are open as well as the embedded Linux OS allow you to build your own modules and systems.

  • Do It.

    Do It.

    Start with the HIO Platform and embedded Linux to build your intelligent, embedded systems and IoT devices.


  • HIO Board Video DemosHIO Board Video Demos
    Check out how the HIO Board works through its Standalone board or powered by its daughter board. HIO Mainboard Standalone Here we see how the HIO Mainboard works on its own, without the need of any other add-on boards. With its Freescale i.MX6 processor, boot times are quick and you’re up and running within seconds.(...)

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